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การแสดง กทม
Night Shows

Evening KAAN Show

Bangkok,Thailand อา.,29 ก.ย.2019

There are few shows that have captures the hearts of its visitors than KAAN; a choreographed master piece has unfolded in Pattaya that blends the cinematography element with live performances using state-of-the-art technology and professional performance.

What To Expect

Pattaya’s evening scene is more than just bars and restaurants – the growing demand for an evening-filled sojourn to be visually entertained has led to the creation of one of the country’s most challenging productions ever set on stage – KAAN. Opening six days a week, the blend of cinematography with live performances entwining into the movie scene has captivated audiences from the premiere until now. Set in one of the latest theatres just outside Pattaya, this evening is one that simply will blow your mind away when it comes of special effects, a storyline that glues you to your chair and the almost perfect blend between the cinematic approach and professional performers. Be blown away when entering the world of KAAN...

Guests will be picked up from their Pattaya Hotel (conditions apply) by air-conditioned vehicle and driver only at around 17:00 hrs. The joint transfer will bring guests to the D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre, situated just outside Pattaya. The theatre is one of the latest in a collection of entertainment venues with a strong emphasis on delivering state-of-the-art performances. The 1400-seat theatre covers almost 1000 square meters of performance stage and is equipped with the latest projection and movie technology, adding another 500 square meters to the already impressive size. Customers are guided to their seats in the theatre (Sky Zone tickets, supplements apply when upgraded seating is preferred) before an unimaginable spectacle unwinds in front of your eyes for around 75 minutes.

KAAN tells the story of a young boy, whose dislike for classic Thai literature brings him coincidentally in touch with a librarian. Intrigued by a thick book and listening to the story of the librarian, his curiosity about the story swirls him straight into the book where he journeys through the pages and meets the suddenly alive characters. His quest to find a way back to the mortal life is displayed through a professionally choreographed performance that leaves you in awe until the end of the show.

From left, right, in front and sometimes even coming from the roof, the mixing of visuals and live performance have lifted the world of evening shows to new heights. At the end of the show, you will be guided back to an air-conditioned vehicle for the transfer back to your booked accommodation in Pattaya.